Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

PROCEPT BioRobotics was founded with a deep commitment to our employees: to hire extraordinary people and create an inclusive, diverse, and equitable work environment where people can bring their whole selves to work and do the best work of their lives. We are committed to building a team from diverse sources that represents a variety of experiences, backgrounds, perspectives, and skills.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are pillars around which we build our organization because we strongly believe that it drives superior results – and truly reflects the communities we serve and in which we work.

Creating and sustaining a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment is a key component of our company’s culture. We believe we are strongest and can deliver our best results when our team can be their authentic selves and we embrace how the diverse perspectives of our team members drive better decisions and put our bold vision within reach. Learn more about our vision here.

Defining Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Diversity is a concept that describes the variety of differences in identity, perspective, skill, and style within an organization. At PROCEPT BioRobotics, our diversity encompasses an array of factors, including:

  • Race and ethnicity
  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender identity
  • Age
  • Religion
  • Language
  • Marital status
  • Veteran status
  • Mental ability
  • Physical ability
  • Educational and work background


Equity is a term that represents fair treatment, access, and opportunity for everyone within an organization. 

PROCEPT BioRobotics fosters an equitable work environment for all our employees. All of our team members are treated fairly, with equal access to opportunities. 


Inclusion refers to the level to which all members feel welcome to contribute and participate in an institution. 

PROCEPT BioRobotics inclusive environment welcomes differences and offers respect to all team members. At all levels, our organization is built on support and collaboration and creating an open and trustful environment where people feel comfortable bringing their authentic selves to work. 

    Building an Inclusive Community

    At PROCEPT BioRobotics, our values speak to mutual respect and working together to innovate and create a brighter future for our patients. This begins with our commitment to value each employee as an individual who can contribute to our success based on effort, ability and performance. 

    Here are just a few examples of our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in action:

    Heart Beat


    We offer our US employees two flex holidays per year to take off a workday that is meaningful to them for cultural, religious or personal reasons. Learn more about health and wellness benefits. Learn more about financial benefits.

    005 International Messaging

    Communications & Events

    We celebrate and showcase the diversity of our team through internal communications and regularly hold events recognizing the various cultures represented on our team. We recognize transparency in communications as a driver of equality and strive to create a culture where feedback is openly provided and received.  

    003 Recieve Love


    We provide employees opportunities to volunteer in person or virtually for a variety of diverse causes relating to health, such as addressing barriers to medical care for the African American community and reading books to children suffering from cancer. Learn more about volunteer opportunities and other perks at work.

    Tipped Scales

    Equal opportunities at work and in the hiring process

    We prohibit discrimination and harassment against employees, applicants for employment, and contractors, based on any characteristic.

    Procept Team party

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