Vision, Mission & Values

At PROCEPT BioRobotics, our vision, mission, and values guide everything we do as a company. We are committed to revolutionizing treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH, otherwise known as prostate gland enlargement) through innovation in surgical robotics. As our company succeeds and grows, we improve the quality of life of patients, provide more effective treatment options for surgeons, uphold the trust of our shareholders, and provide continuous career growth opportunities for our employees.

Our Vision

At PROCEPT BioRobotics, our vision is to become the BPH treatment of choice for all prostates. 

We are establishing a new standard of care in the surgical treatment of BPH. We are proud that our products improve the lives of patients and their families. 

Our Mission

PROCEPT BioRobotics’ mission is to revolutionize BPH treatment by delivering an intelligent robotic solution and partnering with urologists to improve patient lives around the world. We will achieve this through disciplined execution and innovation while maximizing shareholder value. 

To learn more about how we are fulfilling our mission, read our 2021 ESG Report

Our Values

We also know that our ability to make a positive contribution to the world is broader than the products we make. At PROCEPT BioRobotics, our values speak to mutual respect and working together to innovate and create a brighter future for our patients. This begins with our commitment to create an environment where each individual can thrive and we can come together as a purposeful team that is intensely focused on achieving our vision and mission. Our company philosophy is summed up in one word: EXCITED. 

Excellence. The goal of all our work–every day–is to delight our customers with superior, high quality solutions.

Commitment. At every level of the organization, we embrace ownership, accountability, and dedication.

Ingenuity. Innovation is the driving force behind our success. We value “outside-the-box” thinking and creativity from all team members. 

Teamwork. Knowing that the whole organization is greater than the sum of our parts, our work environment is grounded in collaboration and respect.

Ethics. In every task, across every department, we require integrity, honesty, and transparency.

Drive. All PRCT employees share a drive to succeed, with purpose-driven passion, energy, and determination.

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