Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in Aquablation therapy! We strive to support informative social media communities that provide resources and a place for constructive conversations around men’s health and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Like our page for the news and info about BPH and Aquablation therapy.

Be Respectful

We are committed to facilitating a positive community and welcome your comments. We recognize that members of our community may have differing perspectives. Please share your viewpoint in a way that is constructive, relevant and respectful.

We are focused on creating a community that is focused on well-being, prostate health and Aquablation. We remind you that we’re a medical device company regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We’re required to abide by their rules when replying to your questions and other types of dialogues in this forum. If you don’t hear back directly from us or if we remove posts, we hope you understand that these are the rules we’re required to play by. Please, don’t take it personally!

Here are a few reasons why we may remove your comment from our wall:

  • Off-Label Uses:

    We may remove comments containing information on uses of Aquablation therapy that fall outside of the scope of the cleared labeling and Instructions for Use (IFU). Aquablation therapy is intended for the treatment of lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) due to BPH.

  • Inaccurate or Off-Topic Statements:

    Statements about Aquablation therapy must reflect honest, truthful opinions and accurate information about the company and procedure.

    Off-topic comments or comments containing unsupported claims, misleading information, or spam deter from the intent of the Aquablation therapy Facebook page and may be removed.

  • Vulgarity and Language:

    Comments to the Aquablation therapy using profane, defamatory, libelous, offensive, abusive, discriminatory or demeaning content (including images, videos and links) will be deleted.

    At this time we are only able to accept and monitor postings to this site in English. We reserve the right to remove content from this site posted in languages other than English.

  • Medical Advice:

    This page is intended to provide general information about BPH, Aquablation therapy, and the AQUABEAM® Robotic System. It is not an official outlet of medical advice or a replacement for advice from your doctor.

    Results and patient experience may vary. While Aquablation therapy is safe, some side effects or adverse events may occur. As with any medical procedure, only your urologist can help you decide if Aquablation therapy is right for you. To learn more about Aquablation therapy and what to expect, visit and

  • Side Effects:

    Comments referencing potential side effects (or adverse events) will be removed, and we may be required to contact you for more information due to regulatory requirements concerning safety reporting. If you are experiencing side effects or other medical problems, please consult a health care professional for diagnosis and treatment.

As new situations arise, we reserve the right to change or add to these guidelines at any time and will make updates public on our Timeline accordingly. If you feel as though we’ve been unfair in removing your comment, please direct message us on our page.

Thank you, and we look forward to connecting with you!

Disclaimers and Terms of Engagement

Aquablation, AQUABEAM, and PROCEPT are the registered trademarks of PROCEPT BioRobotics Corporation (PROCEPT BioRobotics).

Indications for Use: United States, Canada and Hong Kong
The AQUABEAM Robotic System is intended for the resection and removal of prostate tissue in males suffering from lower urinary tract symptoms due to benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Indications for Use: All Other Countries
The AQUABEAM Robotic System is intended for the resection and removal of prostate tissue in males suffering from lower urinary tract symptoms.

Information shared on this page is not intended or recommended to be a substitution for professional medical advice or instruction on Aquablation therapy. Patients should consult their physician or qualified health care provider regarding any medical condition or treatment.

Any commenters who are incentivized or in any way compensated by PROCEPT BioRobotics are expected to disclose their affiliation with us.

Content posted by third parties on this site or content located on a third-party site linked to this site remain the responsibility of the party posting the content and is not adopted or endorsed by PROCEPT BioRobotics. Any opinions or statements posted by third parties are their own and may not be representative of the experience of others or indicative of future performance or success. You should also be aware that if you have a business relationship with PROCEPT BioRobotics a beneficial interest in making a comment on the site, you have an obligation to disclose that relationship in your post.

PROCEPT BioRobotics sponsors this page but is not affiliated with Facebook and has no control over how Facebook or other third parties will use the information you share on the site. You should be familiar with Facebook’s privacy and security policies and understand how your information can be displayed and used throughout the site (as well as other third-party sites that may be linked to by Facebook). For information about how PROCEPT BioRobotics may use the information you provide, please visit: and

Reporting Adverse Events (Side Effects)

At PROCEPT BioRobotics, patients are our number one priority and we take patient care and outcomes seriously. In the event you experience an adverse event or side effect as a result of Aquablation therapy, we encourage you to see your doctor and/or contact PROCEPT BioRobotics at or (650) 232-7200.

If you prefer, you may also contact the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) directly by calling 1-800- FDA-1088 or visiting, where medical professionals or patients can report serious problems they suspect may be associated with the medical devices or drugs they prescribe, dispense or use.